• Change is massive and is accelerating faster than we can keep up with it
    • The need to transfer to new ways is moving fast and many systems are not in place
    • Familiar ways are safer and easier to follow as we know what to do
  • Seven Sparkplugs for Supercharging Your  Soft Skills 

    1. Being able to recognise and respond to SIGNALS sent and received by family, friends and fellow workers makes the communication process flow smoothly and safely  
    2. STAYIN’ SAFE assists both sender and receivers to have more open communications verbally, visually and gesturally
    3. STEP-BY-STEP supports the receiver to resolve their issues or concerns without feeling like they are being told what or how to do stuff
    4. Being able to SHIFT seamlessly between styles in a variety of ways enhances communication flexibility
    5. SOFTENERS slow down the impact of both good and bad news and enables greater connection with the content as well as the communicator
    6. Recognising different SYSTEMS and the way they work enables you to shift your message to suit the way a person is used to thinking and working out how things fit and work
    7. Being able to SUSTAIN your soft skills in multiple places and spaces to enhance the way you connect and engage with others for now and the future