• Are you struggling to hold your own across two cultural spaces?


    • Do you sometimes feel like an outsider in your workplace?
    • Are you often seen as the in-house “Aboriginal expert”?Are you continually juggling work and family stuff?
    • Are you seeking a sense of belonging in your workplace?
    • Do you want to now more about how to coach and mentor “whitefellas in your workplace and hold your own cultural safety?
    • Do you  to increase both your cultural credibility in the workplace and reliability in your community?
  • Our Cultural Sanity Framework


    Assists Aboriginal workers to apply a range of strategies on how to operate in two cultures and deal with everyday people and events in your workplace

    1. Discover the differences and similarities between Aboriginal and mainstream systems and how they operate
    2. Explore the presentation styles of Aboriginal professionals who know how to get their messages across with cultural integrity and credibility  
    3. Learn how to be a reliable go-between when communicating good and bad news to community and workplace peers
    4. Tap into your cultural heritage to explain what you mean and mean way you say
    5. Follow our step-by-step methods to bring out the best in others and yourself
    6. Recognise the signs that can make or break safe communications both professionally and personally
    7. Develop ways to move around insights so other can benefit from your experiences
  • ReViViFY at LEAD