• Unsure How to Close the Gap at a Local Level?

    1. Don't know where to start ?
    2. Are you not sure how to get referrals, who to talk to, what to say after ‘”hello”?
    3. Do you fear repeating the past? 
    4. Are you highly aware of past history and understandably cautious about treading on cultural toes?
    5. Are you low on cultural credibility or reliability?
    6. Do you have  few connections in Aboriginal spaces, either personally or professionally?
  • Pearl's Plan is a 5 step framework to assist you to

    1. Delve into the nuances of PURPOSE and how to differentiate between a service provider or government agency's  KPI’s and your local Aboriginal community's KPI’s
    2. Know and understand the differences and similarities between PLACE of “work” and place of “Country”    
    3. Appreciate the nuances between roles and responsibilities of PEOPLE at a local Aboriginal community and a mainstream organisational level
    4. Compare and contrast the different ways that people connect and engage with PARTNERS in mainstream organisational workplaces and local Aboriginal communities
    5. Explore the difference and the intersection of different PRACTICES such as Aboriginal cultural protocols and Organisational policies and procedures