• Anny is an extra ordinary Indigenous cross-cultural trainer and coach with over four decades' experience in community development specifically with Aboriginal and refugee peoples. She  invites you to take a respectful peek under the bonnet of first nation practices that will intrigue, amaze and leave you yearning for more.

    Anny understands the challenges faced by many non-Aboriginal organisations in the not-for-profit, government and corporate sectors seeking to meaningfully connect and engage with First Nation peoples and their communities to increase their access to much needed services and programs.

    She understands the challenges experienced by First nation organisations, their staff and their families when they attempt to do business with the mainstream sector.

    Anny is comfortable in both face to face and virtual venues and prefers a low-tech approach to visuals with her trusty coloured markers and whiteboard.

    Anny invites you to take a look under the bonnet of both traditional and modern cultures to appreciate both the differences and similarities to “Open the Space” to understand how to connect, communicate and collaborate even more.